Success Stories

EMS 3D Scanning Drives Huracán Carbon Fiber Aero Kit Design

RSC Tuning Partners with EMS to 3D Scan Lamborghini Huracán to Develop Carbon Fiber Aero Kit EMS’s 3D scanning technology enabled RSC Tuning to create a precise digital representation of the Huracán, eliminating the need for traditional clay molds and reducing risk of damage to the exotic auto. The Challenge RSC Tuning, a leading manufacturer … Read more

K-Rain Significantly Reduces Sprinkler Design Time & Cost with 3D Printing

EMS Helps K-Rain Stem the Flow of Time & Money on Sprinkler Nozzle Product Development EMS 3D printing enables K-Rain to test multiple nozzle designs faster, with more accuracy, and for a lot less money. K-Rain is a leading manufacturer of gear driven rotors, sprinklers, sprays, controllers and valves for the commercial and residential irrigation … Read more

EMS 3D Scanning Drives Auto Seat Manufacturing Inspection for Major Supplier

How could EMS help a major Detroit Car Seat Supplier generate pilot manufacturing inspection reports better and faster? That was the challenge posed to EMS by a Michigan automotive seat manufacturer looking for a better scanning and verification process that would allow manufacturing adjustments to be made more quickly during pilot launches. Automotive manufacturers require … Read more

EMS 3D Scanning Helps Design LAV-25 Upgrades and Trainers for U.S. Marines

How could EMS create the CAD files needed to build military trainers and design upgrades for five LAV-25 light armored vehicles? That was exactly the problem posed by a major military technology and engineering company on behalf of the United States Marine Corps. First used by the U.S. Marines in 1983, the LAV-25 (Light Armored … Read more